July 2019

Reviews and interviews. Francesca Marti – “Energy Ray”

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Television interview with Francesca Marti and Gerhardt Braun on IB3 Noticies, broadcast in Spanish on July 8, 2019



La Ventana del arte, “Energy Ray exhibition” report



“Tengo un espritus curiosa …”, Spanish/English interview by Anais Olivera published in the July 2019 issue of AirEuropa inflight magazine

Invitation; “Last call” group exhibition of work by nine artists at Gerhardt Braun Gallery, Ibiza

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Gerhardt Braun Gallery is pleased to invite you to celebrate “Last call”, a group exhibition of masterpieces created by nine consecrated artists.
This exhibition curated by Gerhardt Braun speaks about the interaction between humans and their home, the earth. Climate change, conciousness and preservation are the main subjects. The goal of this exhibition is to create […]

Video footage from “Energy Ray” exhibition

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Video footage via YouTube from Francesca Marti’s “Energy Ray” opening at Gerhardt Braun Gallery, 28.06.2019

La Ventana del Arte: “Energy Ray” report

Announcing the “Last call” group show at Gerhardt Braun Gallery in Ibiza

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Last call
Masterpieces by nine artists
An exhibition of photographs, sculptures, light objects and paintings by innovative artists Thierry Feuz (Austria)  *  Chus Garcia Fraile  (Spain)  *  Oliver Johnson (U.K.)  *  Rafa Macarrón (Spain)  *  Jorge Mayet (Cuba)  *  Francesca Martí (Spain)  *  PSJM  (Spain)  *  Rosali Schweizer  (Germany)  *  Ronald A. Westerhuis (The Netherlands)

Opens: Friday 19th July 2019
19.07.2019 – 07.08.2019

This exhibition, curated by Gerhardt Braun, speaks about the interaction between humans and […]

“Blurred Eagerness” exhibition in Berlin

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Blurred Eagerness
DNA Galerie, Berlin
A group show with recent work by Lungu Alina-Ada (Romania), Dafni Atha (U.K.), Fabio Camerotta (Argentina), Kyungwoo Chun (Korea), Christine Jacob-Marks (Germany), Francesca Marti’ (Spain), Volker März (Germany), Ding Musa (Brazil), Patricio Vogel (Chile) and Ian Woo (Singapore).
July 12 to August 14, 2019

An exhibition exploring the themes and techniques of clarity and […]

Announcing the Blurred Eagerness group exhibition at DNA Galerie in Berlin

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Blurred Eagerness
July 12 to August 14, 2019

An exhibition exploring the themes and techniques of clarity and soft-focus, Blurred Eagerness features hazy and composite portraits by Fabio Camerotta, Kyungwoo Chun and Lungu Alina Ada, colour-fields and indistinct forms depicted in paintings and abstract prints by Dafni Atha, Ding Musa and Ian Woo, textual works by Patricio […]

Francesca Martí, review by Gemma Marchena in Ultima Hora, 28 June, 2019

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Sculptures installed by lake at the Prodrive Technologies park in the Netherlands

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The 7 Dreamers of Eindhoven were conceived as pensive, contemplative figures, to serve as symbols of inspiration for the engineers and technicians at Prodrive Technologies, and to interact with visitors to the lake and park near Eindhoven. Creating a dialogue with the viewer, Francesca Marti’s seven Dreamers mimic the seven-star constellation of Ursa Major (Big […]

June 2019

New solo exhibition: Francesca Marti’ – Energy Ray at Gerhardt Braun Gallery in Palma de Mallorca.

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In her third solo show with Gerhardt Braun Gallery since 2013, Francesca Marti’ will be exhibiting brand new installations and her most recent Believers mixed media works, as part of Energy Ray, opening on June 28, 2019. Figures travel in groups across backdrops of urban landscapes in Madrid, New York, Stockholm and Shanghai. Sometimes they […]

May 2019

“The message of my art work is communication”
Article and interview with Francesca Marti’ by Cati Aina Oliver published in Sa Veu, Soller, May 17, 2019

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