Coming soon to Shanghai: the new Xiao Hui Wang Art Museum

Construction is nearing completion in Shanghai on the new Xiao Hui Wang Art Museum.

Work is proceeding on the new Xiao Hui Wang Art Museum in Shanghai, which will be inaugurated in 2022 with Dreamers, a double-solo exhibition with works by Xiao Hui Wang and Francesca Marti’.
The final stages of construction and fit-out at the monumental new museum will begin after the New Year and the Spring Festival in February. The large-scale Dreamers exhibition will feature both historical and brand new photographs, paintings, sculptures, videos and installations by the two artists, exploring how their different practices and career trajectories in China and Spain have produced some remarkably similar themes and connections. The Dreamers exhibition, curated by Professor Guanhong Xiao and Jonathan Turner, will be accompanied by an indepth full-colour catalogue with texts by Professor Dieter Ronte, Alia Lin, Pilar Ribal, Manuel Romero and the exhibition curators. The exhibition will be presented first in Shanghai, then later installed in a different format and with different works at the Zhuzhong Contemporary Art Museum in Beijing.