New works by Francesca Marti’ in Madrid

While she was in Madrid during ARCO 2022, Francesca Marti’ assembled and unveiled one of her latest photo-based installations at the showroom of Chlorofila Digital photo lab near the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Prado Museum. Marti’s work depicts the human bustle at the Parque del Buen Retiro, literally «Park of the Pleasant Retreat», built in the 17th Century royal gardens. Marti’s installation shows groups of her colourful, hand-molded Believers traversing the large artificial lake which reflects the colonnade and early 20th Century equestrian monument to King Alfonso XII.

At the same time, Marti’s work was also to be seen as part of the group exhibition entitled Change, featuring sculptures and paintings by Chus García-Fraile, Leon Löwentraut, Heinz Mack, Francesca Martí, Jorge Mayet, Heiner Meyer and Sylvestre Gauvrit, to coincide with the 2022 ARCO Madrid Art Fair. This show took place at the Pop-Up Gallery in Calle Doctor Fourquet in Madrid, with 7 artists from Spain, Germany, France and Cuba, all part of the stable of the Gerhardt Braun Gallery in Palma de Mallorca.