Announcement – Green Swarm solo exhibition in July in Mallorca

Green Swarm, a new exhibition of sculpture, video and photography by Francesca Marti, will take place at the Gerhardt Braun Gallery in Palma de Mallorca, opening Friday July 15, 2022. The show will include an installation of a swarm of painted aluminium sculptures of flies, butterflies and dragonflies, a sequence of large colour photographs and a new video projection produced by Francesca Martí in collaboration with LADAT – Unidad de Animación y Tecnologías Audiovisuales, Universitat de les Illes Balears. (LADAT is the department of animation and audio-visual technology, established in 1988 in Palma as part of the University of the Balearic Islands).

The fly first appeared as a protagonist in Marti’s works in 1999. The dragonfly and butterfly featured later in other photographs, performances and videos. But as always, Marti’s different works are inter-connected, both visually and thematically. Her new installation emerges from her studies about crowds of people and groups of insects in motion, and the artistic representation of collective behavior.

Green Swarm sculptures on the floor of Marti’s studio in Fornalutx

“In a swarm, not everyone is a follower,» explains Francesca Martí. «There is usually one leader conducting, the rest are migrating. It’s about the group dynamic.”  
Conceived in Shanghai in 2019 and re-elaborated in Mallorca, the Green Swarm exhibition will take place in the Gerhardt Braun Gallery at the same time as a solo show of new digital collages and photographs by Japanese/German artist Kanjo Také. Presented by Dieter Ronte and curated by Jonathan Turner, Green Swarm will be Francesca Martí’s sixth solo show at the Gerhardt Braun Gallery since 2013.

Francesca Marti’ – Green Swarm
Gerhardt Braun Gallery
Carrer de Sant Feliu, Palma de Mallorca
July 15 – September 17 (La Nit de l’Art), 2022