Marti’s wall of progress installed in the Netherlands

First installed in 2020, The Believers of Prodrive are 200 figures in mirror-polished aluminum striding up the large wall behind the reception at the headquarters of Prodrive Technologies in Son in the south of the Netherlands. The dynamic, upright figures embody the dynamism and progress of Prodrive, a multi-national company built on the design and manufacture of electronics, software and mechanics. Each figure in Francesca Marti’s installation is identical, to represent the unity of the company, yet each follows a different path. As the group makes its way up the three-storey wall, Marti’s Believers cast their shadows in different directions. The finished installation is visible from many angles, and can be seen from the reception desk, from the upper-level walkways and from outside the high-tech building.

«My Believers have been adapted to the idea of social grouping and the idea of collective progress,» says Marti’. «Each figure on the wall represents a new patent, symbolizing the creativity of the engineers and technicians working at Prodrive. Each Believer represents an individual engineer, able to create a new technological idea thanks to his own strong belief.»