Copper performance in Stockholm

Francesca Marti with the participants in her Copper performance at the Historiska Museet in Stockholm.

Francesca Marti’s Copper performance took place at the Swedish Historisk Museet in Stockholm on May 24, 2021. 

Under the guidance of the artist, the performance featured participants from Sweden, Spain, Iceland, Israel, the UK, Mexico and USA, namely Elias Aaron, Gabrielle Aaron, Esther Bendahan, Concha Diaz Berzosa, Boaz Cohen, Carmelo Eismann, David Finer, Francine Finer, Katt Hernandez, Ana Laguna, Theo Loefler, Marifé Santiago Bolaños, Gunnlaug Thorvaldsdottir and Katja Frank Waisman. The participants brought objects and various personal items which reminded them of their ancestors (including toys, a pair of spectacles, poems, a candlestick). The performance was co-organised by the Embassy of Spain to Sweden, the Centro Sefarad-Israel in Madrid and Judisk Kultur i Sverige.

Segments of the Copper performance are being adapted to Marti’s Copper Transmissions video installation, (2021), a monumental 4-minute video projection in four parts. Marti’s multi-faceted Copper project features recent sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, film, performance  and installation. It discusses the themes of freedom, connectivity and memory, and looks at how we each respond to our own personal history, while paying respect to those who came before us. It looks at copper in terms of its value as a metal, but also for its medical, symbolic, alchemical and mystical properties. With a poetic force, Francesca Martí’s Copper project interprets aspects of social justice, migration, history, tragedy and liberation.