New wine label for Can Majoral

Released in 2021, the new Mantonegro label by Francesca Marti for the Can Majoral cellars in Mallorca (photo by Alexandra  Botvinovskaya)

A wine label designed by Francesca Marti’ appears on the Burgundy-style bottles of the ecologically produced Mantonegro wine from Can Majoral winery. This vineyard spans 17 hectares, growing 14 different grape varieties, located in the municipality of Algaida, in the heart of Mallorca. Winemaker Andreu Oliver expresses his clear commitment to producing honest wines made from local varietals with their own identity and flavour. The cultivation of the Can Majoral vines is ecological, remaining respectful to traditional agricultural cycles without the use of fertilizers or synthetic chemicals.

Marti’s eye-catching label for Can Majoral features a splash of paint, a pair of red lips and the gossamer wings of a dragonfly, in an original image from her Senses and Movements series of photographs and collages.