«Blurred Eagerness» exhibition in Berlin


Blurred Eagerness
DNA Galerie, Berlin
A group show with recent work by Lungu Alina-Ada (Romania), Dafni Atha (U.K.), Fabio Camerotta (Argentina), Kyungwoo Chun (Korea), Christine Jacob-Marks (Germany), Francesca Marti’ (Spain), Volker März (Germany), Ding Musa (Brazil), Patricio Vogel (Chile) and Ian Woo (Singapore).
July 12 to August 14, 2019

An exhibition exploring the themes and techniques of clarity and soft-focus, «Blurred Eagerness» features hazy and composite portraits by Fabio Camerotta, Kyungwoo Chun and Lungu Alina-Ada, colour-fields and indistinct forms in paintings and abstract prints by Dafni Atha, Ding Musa and Ian Woo, textual works by Patricio Vogel and human figures in sculptures by Volker März and Francesca Marti’.

Francesca Marti’ is represented by four works at DNA Galerie. «Believers – Plaza del Sol, Madrid» (2019) is made from multiple colour photographs, resin sculptures and automotive paint in perspex boxes. Blurring the lines between two-dimensional and three-dimensional imagery, Marti’s coloured figures move across a reflected aerial view of the Plaza del Sol in central Madrid. Small «Believers» walk across the photographs, each one casting its own shadow and reflection. Similarly, the «Ellipse» installation tracks the path of a group of ten «Believers» sculptures as they migrate across an oblique orange form painted by Marti’ on the wall. This sense of movement is accentuated in Marti’s new «Believers» video projection showing crowds of figures in green. purple and grey. Meanwhile, the seated figure of «Dreamer – Alpha Virginis» is a pensive, life-sized sculpture cast in mirror-polished aluminium. Seated on a shipping crate, he welcomes viewers to the «Blurred Eagerness» exhibition at DNA Galerie in Berlin.

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Francesca Marti’ at DNA Galerie in Berlin installing «Ellipse» 2019.


Francesca Marti’ with Frank Schmeer and her «Dreamer – Alpha Virginis» sculpture, and with artist Dafni Atha and DNA Galerie director Johann Nowak, flanked by works by Atha and Marti’.