7th edition of «Julia Galán Seen by Artists of the World», launched in Spain

Recent works exploring the theme of the mother in contemporary art by Romy Castro, Fernando Galán, Concha Jerez, Francesca Marti, Antonio Mateos, Francis Naranjo, Xurxo Oro Claro, Isabel Ramoneda, Steve Schepens, Bernar Venet and Maria Villa are featured in a new group exhibition in Asturias.The 7th edition of «Julia Galán vista por artistas del mundo (Julia Galán Seen by Artists of the World)» takes place in the Miranda Palace in Grado in Spain, from August 30 until September 27, 2022.
Conceived and organized by art critic and magazine publisher Fernando Galán, the collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, videos and mixed media works are specifically dedicated to the late Julia Galán and the role of the mother as she appears in contemporary art, with the idea of capturing aspects of frailty, maternity, intimacy and the passing of time. The ever-growing collection of portraits and interpretations now comprises 222 works by more than 150 contemporary artists from 30 countries, including Pedro Cabrita Reis (Portugal), Jan Fabre (Belgium), Tatsumi Orimoto (Japan), Ola Kolehmainen (Finland), Yves Hayat (Egypt), Gonzalo Garcia (Spain), Regina Silveira (Brazil) and Klaus Berends (Germany). The first exhibition dedicated to this collection was staged in 2013.

«Julia Galán vista por artistas del mundo (Julia Galán Seen by Artists of the World)»
Miranda Palace, Casa de la Cultura, Grado, Asturias, Spain
August 30-September 27, 2022
Curator: Fernando Galán