Dreamers exhibition opens in Shanghai

On Friday August 5, at the brand new, multi-leveled Xiao Hui Wang Art Museum in Shanghai, the long-awaited Dreamers exhibition opened to the public. This exhibition features Francesca Marti’s works created since the 1990s, together with the work of renowned Chinese artist Xiao Hui Wang, in a striking combination of sculptures, photographs, videos and installations. It reveals the inspirations and mutual connections in the work of these two dynamic artists from different countries, both in terms of themes and motifs.

Due to restrictions still imposed on large public gatherings in Shanghai, Xiao Hui came up with an ingenious solution for the inauguration of the museum, as a way to introduce Marti’s work to the Chinese public. Instead of holding a press conference, Xiao Hui conducted an insightful presentation of the diverse artworks on show in Dreamers, taking an estimated 1,100 viewers on an in-depth and personal tour through the various spaces of the museum, via a live video feed. Elsewhere there has been widespread coverage in China’s network media. For example, an article posted by the official Xinhua news agency reached more than one million viewers on the opening night.

«I thank Xiao Hui and her esteemed team for their enthusiastic, inventive and generous presentation,» said Francesca Marti’ via live video on August 5. «As a Spanish artist who has long felt a strong affinity with the work of Xiao Hui Wang, I was also able to feel part of the vibrant creativity that exists in the world of culture in Shanghai.»