Video testimonials for Francesca in China

In preparation for the forthcoming Dreamers exhibition in China, which will highlight the connections and visual echoes existing between artworks by Xiao Hui Wang and Francesca Marti’ created since the late 1990s, a series of informal testimonials have been filmed by different curators, critics, collectors and colleagues. Talking about Francesca’s style and influence, these videos will be broadcast on an interactive jumbo-screen during the opening ceremony in spring, at the newly constructed Xiao Hui Wang Art Museum in Shanghai.

Short new video testimonials describing the personal impact and the importance of the work of Francesca Marti have been by specially submitted by: Johan Dahl, Mark Edwards, Thomas Füllengraben, Fernando Galan, Mark Gisbourne, Gary Kendall, Khalid Khreis, Barbara Marti Marti, Matthew Mitcham, Johann Nowak, Misun Pyo, Mandeep Rai, Dieter Ronte, Gabriella Rudbeck, Kanjo Take and Jonathan Turner.