«Dreamer – Antares» on show in the Netherlands

From June 3 through June 26, 2022, the historic centre of the Dutch town of Oisterwijk has been turned into an open-air museum for the second edition of Art in Oisterwijk. Under the title “Praat met mij (Talk to me)”, 50 monumental sculptures by 35 noted artists from 12 different countries are exhibited in the town square and parkland. 

Francesca Martí is represented in the town centre by her larger than life-sized Dreamer – Antares (2022) made from mirror-polished aluminium, reflecting in a pool of water. Other participating artists include Stephan Balkenhol, David Černý, Tony Cragg, Chris Dobrowolski, Jeroen Henneman, Sean Henry, Ilya Kabakov, Geert Koevoets, Jeff Koons, Leon Löwentraut, Francesca Marti’, Heiner Meyer, Sofie Muller, Michael Nolte, Panamarenko, Yves Scherer, Sean Scully, Joep van Lieshout, Bernar Venet and Ronald Westerhuis. 

Figurative sculptures by Stephan Balkenhol – «Mann und Tänzerin» (2005), Yves Scherer – «Vincent» (2019) and Sean Henry – «Seated Man» (2011) currently on show at the outdoor sculpture festival in Oisterwijk.

Marti’ attended the inaugural reception at the Old Town Hall in Oisterwijk on June 3, with the event officially opened by the King’s Commissioner, Mrs Ina Adema. Oisterwijk, in the region of Brabant, lies at the centre of the triangle formed by the cities of Eindhoven, Tilburg and Den Bosch. Art in Oisterwijk is an initiative organized by landscape architect Bert Huls, who is the founding director of the outdoor art festival. 

From the Art in Oisterwijk website: «Francesca Martí is a multidisciplinary artist who masters the hybridization of all artistic languages. She is a keen observer whose visual reflection deals with the current problems of humanity as well as with the complex contemporary identities of man … Francesca Marti’s Dreamers are beings who embody the inner spirit of people, envisioning a better future. They remind us of those people who stand up against poverty and the war of exclusion, to make their own dreams come true. It is a timeless challenge».