Solo presentation of works by Francesca Marti’ at Gerhardt Braun Art Lab, Mallorca

Photos, paintings, sculptures and watercolours since 2000 by Francesca Marti’

Part of the ever-expanding Mallorcan gallery empire of Gerhardt Braun, the Gerhardt Braun Art Lab (Carrer de San Feliu in Palma) presented a selection of works by Francesca Marti’ from the past 25 years. This included large paintings of dancing figures, life-sized Dreamers sculptures, gouaches and new photographs of New York and Shanghai framed in perspex boxes, with crowds of small Believers figures walking across the city landscapes. From mirror-polished aluminium to charcoal drawings on paper, the exhibition revealed how Marti’s subjects and techniques continue to evolve over time. The presentation also featured several oil paintings completed in the mid-1990s based on the theme of regeneration. These works were inspired by the wild-fires that raged in the hills around Soller in 1992. Marti’ depicted the scorched earth, dried creeks, burnt olive trees and dead animals, as well as the gradual process of Mother Nature coming back to life in the aftermath of the dramatic destruction.The exhibition in Palma at Gerhard Braun Art Lab was launched in August 2021, and continued through December.