[layerslider id=»2″] “To me, the satellite dishes look like grey flowers growing on rooftops, as though they are looking for the light, like sunflowers facing to the sun.” Francesca Marti, Amman, June 2010 «Martí’s use of old satellite dishes brings discarded objects back to reality and life. It’s a new project, not seen before. It’s a …

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In the recent work of Francesca Martí, the magical figure of Droplet exists as a care free elf, a spritely symbol of liberty and passion. He is personified in Martí’s photographs and videos by Matthew Mitcham, the Australian Olympic gold medal diver who won the 10-metre platform event in Beijing in 2008 with the highest-scoring single dive in Olympic history.


“I am in Alghero in Sardinia looking out to sea from the ramparts. Alghero has a Balearic atmosphere (but moved 500 kilometres to the east from its natural site), where every week, low-cost flights bring in a large number of inquisitive visitors from around the world, but where there still floats the strong perfume of the Sardinian hinterland. A picturesque and pleasurable metaphor for contemporaneity: strong natural identity confronted by a sense of globalism which permeates everything…»


This may be the most enigmatic of Francesca Marti’s works to date. A work full of life but also haunted by a phantasmagorical halo, even though it reaches us from a place that is elemental and germinative by nature.


“For me, the legend of Narcissus is that he fell in love with his own reflection. He tried to kiss and embrace it – encouraged because he saw the other raising his lips to meet his own – but of course he couldn’t kiss his image in the water. He despaired and realized he couldn’t live any longer.”
Francesca Martí, 2008


[layerslider id=»7″] “Thoughts that come and go, sometimes uncontrolled, invading the mind and inundating the soul.” Francesca Martí

Sense and Movements

The main appeal of Senses lies in the fact that Francesca Martí has used five vertical screens made of canvas, across which she has painted ample strokes and a wavy from in black. Seen as a series of strong signs, they seem to flat in space when viewed from a distance.

The Fly

It has been reported that when questioned about his artistic inspiration, Picasso replied that it was best if inspiration finds you when you are already at work. And that is was happened to Francesca Martí one day when she was working in her studio.