Sense and Movements

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“We move with sounds to any point in silence”

Francesca Martí

The main appeal of Senses lies in the fact that Francesca Martí has used five vertical screens made of canvas, across which she has painted ample strokes and a wavy from in black. Seen as a series of strong signs, they seem to flat in space when viewed from a distance.

In a perfectly executed video, she has cast a male dancer who, entering from one side, travels across the five screens in a solemn and measured way, performing to a musical composition especially created for the work. The dancer’s theatrical and arm movements, which seem to physically respond to the painted black brush-strokes, help create an exquisite figure. Through his mesmerising dance, he stimulates the same sense of serenity which we can sometimes feel when we are immersed in the music of a contemporary symphony. This video was shown under subdued light in a large space at The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery, part of The National Museum of Tel Aviv, Israel.