The Fly

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I don’t know if the Fly follows me or I follow her… The Fly showed me a world of new dimensions. The Fly is a symbol of an eternal mystery of existence.

It was in September 1999, drawing memories from my last trip in Tunisia, when I see and I hear a fly around the big window of the studio. The noise is disturbing me. The fly comes, touching my face and my hands is even more disturbing… Suddenly it falls into the red color and starts to struggle, carrying on its fragile wings all the heavy red pigment powder… trying to survive… walking on my drawing and painting lines at the same time. This demands my attention and involves me immediately into a dream…… I felt in love with the spaces, the lights, the colors, the forms… she is the liberator of my feelings.

The fly is everywhere, always has been, always will be.
Was it an accident or was it something more? Why me?
It was an accident, and if it was something more… I need to understand.
The struggles of the Fly make me think of hope and life…
My life and hopes make me feel love.
The fly today is a messenger of life, love and hope.