Francesca Marti’ exhibits at «Beautiful People» group show in The Netherlands

Three mirror-polished chrome sculptures by Francesca Marti’ are featured in the Beautiful People exhibition in the town of Vught in the south of The Netherlands, taking place at the Van Loon Galleries and in the deconsecrated Mariakerk (June 9-24, 2018). This large-scale group show is based on sculptures, photographs and paintings by 20 contemporary artists from 9 different countries which focus on the theme of the human form in all its diversity and emotional range. It includes recent sculptural works by David Begbie (Scotland), Rabarama (Italy), Carole A. Feuerman (USA) and two life-sized Dreamers and a Dreamer Dog by Marti’.

About her Dreamers sculptures, Marti’ has said: «I decided to share the company of my dreams, so I started to make human forms with clay, each one sitting around me, each one by himself… And closing my eyes while modeling them, I instinctively imagine their forms and positions, I feel their body and essence in my hands. I often ask to myself if we are alone or together? Are we at one with animals, nature, the universe, or are we alone with nothing? My Dreamers have been talking to me through their silence for several years now. Maybe their silence is their real presence.»

Link to review of the Beautiful People exhibition published in Het Klaverblad



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