CONNECTING LINES – Xiao Hui Wang and Francesca Martì

Project for a traveling exhibition to venues in Europe and Asia.

An innovative exhibition exploring the multi-lingual dialogue between two international contemporary artists of the same generation, coming from different cultures and countries, spanning very different career trajectories, but with a shared sense of creative passion and expressive mastery.

The concept for Connecting Lines is for a ground-breaking dual solo exhibition in which the works of Xiao Hui Wang (China) and Francesca Martì (Spain) are visually linked as unconventional “diptyches”, showing how the works of both artists cross boundaries yet share similar themes, symbols and forms of expression. The project exists beyond the normal parameters of a chronological exhibition, with works from different periods produced in various techniques, including photography, painting, video, sculpture and installation. The title itself comes from an observation Xiao Hui Wang made when she first visited Francesca Martì in her studio in Mallorca in 2017. Despite their obvious differences, both artists immediately felt a strong connection and a corresponding desire to highlight their intersecting modes of expression on the international stage.