Ma’at performance at Studio Francesca Marti’, with Madaleine Trigg

In 2017, Francesca Marti produced a sculpture of Ma’at, holding a tablet in her hands, but the figure turns the flickering screen away from her. This life-sized sculpture is made from rough-cast aluminium, wrapped in polished “fabric”, and it was exhibited as part of her Kingfisher solo exhibition at the Gerhardt Braun Gallery in Palma de Mallorca.

According to Marti’, the Ma’at performance is about tracking the inter-relationship between acceptance and resistence, equilibrium and stress, destruction and regeneration, subtle movements and static expression. Ma’at voices several of Marti’s philosophical queries. “Are we migrants, traveling within our own souls? How do you absorb chaos, or how do you actively navigate yourself out of chaos?”
“We need to find balance again,” continues Marti’. “This is a transitional moment in the communication age. We are witnessing the evolution of the artifical brain. Where does Ma’at now sit on the Information Super-highway, at a time when technology can be a confusing tool? In mythology, Ma’at held chaos in check.”

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