Francesca Marti’s Flight photograph exhibited at Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

A recent digitally altered photograph from the Flight performance by Francesca Marti’ has been included as part of the LACDA Electron Salon exhibition at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (October 12-November, 2017). As one of 50 participating international artists, Marti’s 2017 photograph shows three figures silently facing the camera in a surreal triple portrait – a masked, shrouded woman, a shirtless young man and the artist’s daughter Barbara. This image was produced as part of a new series of portraits of nine powder-faced models, coming from Spain, Sweden, Pakistan, Cuba, Nigeria and the Czech Republic, created in Marti’s studio in Mallorca.


Flight – Claudia, Salahuddin, Barbara, 2017.
Photograph from performance, 50 x 75 cm, edition 1/3

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