Alomar Boutique Hotel Exhibit

Francesca Marti and Miquel Conde collaborate to make the Alomar Boutique Hotel a unique “soulful” experience.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain – February 6th, 2015 – The Alomar exhibit began when Francesca Marti met Alomar founder Miguel Conde in 2014.  Miguel expressed that he wanted art for his boutique hotels and clients that brought out the “soul” of his elegant spaces.  Marti, an international award-winning artistic diplomat whose projects creatively elucidate socio-political issues, contributed works from her Soul and Tears projects, which can now be seen at the Alomar Boutique-Hotel at 1 Calle Feliu, Palma de Mallorca.


When clients enter the reception, they experience a video art installation entitled Shadows.  It features the interacting shadows of a classical dancer reaching into the luminous world of a fleeting dragonfly.  Marti says “this video art is an extension of the Movement project, where I am a witness and observer of the movement of shadows cast by the Light that supports all life.” The video installation is scored by Sonic Chrysalis, the neuroacoustic composer Daniel Alzamora Dickin, who recently won an award in the 1st annual FICAE Valencia film festival for his work in Veritas Curat.  “Neuroacoustics is the scientific use of sound to enhance nervous system functioning and increase peak performance” states Daniel.


When clients enter the elegant bar/lounge they see three mixed-media works and a video art installation.  The three works feature photography combined with painting on canvas, works from the Tears Project, which emerged after the Movements Project, “focusing on personal expression through body language” says Marti.  During her exhibition in Amman, Marti visited Petra, and learned about the first nomads who sought shelter in the natural caves.


“In seeking protection, we have the need to protect ourselves on a personal and emotional level, also we have the need to emerge,  so sometimes we need to be in the dark to see the light.  These internal safe spaces, symbolized by the caves, inspired me to go deeper than the two dimensional canvas.  The act of tearing the canvas, was a physical act to express this emergence from the interior.  The tearing of the canvas was also symbolic of a physical act of pain and suffering, often producing tears.”  Francesca Marti


The video art installation in the lounge features a compassion evoking experience of an African man trapped in a canvas.  He creatively expresses alternative ways to emerge, culminating in an emotional petition to viewer to recognize the symbolic bondage of being and feeling trapped.  The neuroacoustic sound design performed in the opening, in a subtle way, evokes the arabic music scale to enhance the historical fact of arabic enslavement of sub-saharan Africans. “There are still many unresolved historical traumas that need psychological attention to heal and move humanity forward, in these increasingly violent times, if we are to take any semblance of international peace serious” says composer Daniel Alzamora.


In total, Marti’s exhibition at the Alomar Boutique Hotel provides the viewer with a beautiful, graceful, peaceful yet thought-provoking creative display of multi-media virtue.