Performance of the Migrant Angel at Studio Francesca Martí, Mallorca.



Video stills of Gunnlaug Thorvaldsdottir (Gulla) as part of Francesca Marti’s new performance-based video installation of the Migrant Angel (Mallorca).

The Migrant Angel (2016) brings together a new evolution in several different strands of Francesca Marti’s art practice. Her painted, torn canvases provide the backdrop for this performance. For the first time, Marti’ has also projected her own films from Korea and Burma onto the canvases as part of her multi-layered video installation and sound-scape, and introduced hand-held technology into the painted scenery in the form of a mobile phone and a personal computer.

Spanish artist Francesca Marti’ and Icelandic performer Gunnlaug Thorvaldsdottir (Gulla) first met in Stockholm in 2015 to begin discussing the creation of a collaborative video, as part of Marti’s ongoing exploration of the theme of nomadism. They discovered that they shared many of the same emotions and ideas about the plight of displaced immigrants today, and the strange sense of limbo which travelers sometimes feel when passing through international airports. Marti’ has stage-managed and recorded this as her video installation, the Migrant Angel.

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Gulla Marti Turner


Francesca Martí with Icelandic performer Gulla (Gunnlaug Thorvaldsdottir) and curator Jonathan Turner.