New sculptures for Danubiana

As part of a new Migrants installation conceived for her traveling retrospective opening at the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava in November, 2017, Francesca Marti’ is creating a series of new figures she calls Believers. This a continuation of her ongoing Dreamers project, but for the first time, her androgynous male figures stand up, and they have begun to walk and move in large groups. They are no longer reclining and pensive. They have evolved into dynamic migrants, traveling across wide surfaces. Modeled from grey Mallorcan clay, the different statues will be cast in aluminium at the J.L. Ponce Foundry in Madrid in July.
«My Dreamers have become Believers,» says Francesca.

Photo: Francesca Marti’ modeling her latest Believers sculptures in her studio in Soller.