New photo-shoot revisits Francesca Marti’s Fly series, 17 years later

Text by Jonathan Turner
In 2000, Francesca Marti’ began her renowned Fly series of black-and-white photographs and collages with painted additions. A fly in her studio had become an unexpected protagonist, when it walked through a mound of pigment and began tracing its steps on a sheet of drawing paper. Marti’ then saw this adventurous, creative fly/artist as her alter-ego. She recently rediscovered some of these photographs in her studio, and they have provided her with a fresh outlook, and an inspiration for a new chapter in her artistic research.

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04-Hana- Soukupova-flight-series

Hana Soukupova, the Czech supermodel, being photographed for the new «Flight» series by Francesca Marti’,
during the photo-shoot in late July in Fornalutx


Marcel and Andre’, identical twins from Sweden, during the «Flight» photo-shoot.


Double-take: Video director Miquel Muntaner filming Francesca Marti in her studio while she photographs her
models Claudia, Barbara, Hana, Catharina and Julia.