LIQUID CITIES NYC International Video Art Limousine Festival 2015

Feedback release: LIQUID CITIES:  NYC International Video Art Limousine Festival 2015
NEW YORK CITY (USA): October 25, 2015

The Liquid Cities International Video Art Limousine Festival, curated by Luca Curci, featuring two recent videos by Francesca Marti’, was presented in a very experimental art space: a limousine…

On October 25, 2015, the tour started at the Apple Store in 5th Ave and then over a period of several hours, the limousine drove its many different passengers through Manhattan, passing by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim Museum, Empire State Building, and Whitney Museum of American Art.  At the end of the Limousine Festival, all selected videos were screened at the XY Atelier Contemporary Art Gallery, (through October 28), as part of the Fluidity exhibition, curated by Angela Rose Viens and XY Gallery team.  Marti’s video Painting the Soul features original music by Daniel Alzamora Dickin and Green Sound Wave features original music by Florencio Cruz.

Rodrigo Nicolas Albornoz . Argentina | Aujik . Japan | Nina Athanasiou . Germany | Karin Bandelin . Germany | Gloria Aura Bortolini . Italy | Susan Carnahan . USA | Roberta Cianciola . Italy | Helena Schultheis Edgeler . Croatia | Mar Garrido . Spain | Roos Hoffmann . The Netherlands | Jiantao Hu . USA | Filip Ignatowicz . Poland | Arianna Ilardi . Italy | Tania Khodakivska & Paul Terrie . USA | Eypraksia Kontsa . Greece |Carolin Koss . Finland | Constanze Kratzsch . Germany | Michelle Larsen . USA | Flounder Lee . UAE | Tara Mahapatra . USA | Francesca Martí . Spain | Katrina Mathers . Australia | Nesha Nikolic . Germany | Gabriella Parisi . Italy | Daniel Pesta . Czech Republic | Kathy Rose . USA


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All photos courtesy of It’s LIQUID Group