Francesca Martí’s «Zanzibar» photograph in group show in Sóller

A recent work from Francesca Martì’s ongoing series Cities in a Crooked Line is included in a show of twelve contemporary European photographers at B2 Espai d’art, in Sòller, Mallorca. Her image is a street scene photographed in Zanzibar, with the colours first manipulated on her computer, printed on zinc-plate, lacquered and then bent and crumpled in the artist’s studio. It is part of Martì’s characteristic practice of altering and «mistreating» her materials, whereby she rips the canvases on which she paints, or disguises the features of her figurative sculptures by wrapping them in metal sheeting, wire or clay. The exhibition «Fotografìa contemporànea» opens on May 12, and features the work of Jordi Amengual, Bettina Bachem, Jurgen Bücher, Sara Capò Bücher, Pere Colom, Petra Dahmen, Martin Delafoi, Inga Charlotte von Domarus, Claudia van Koolwijk, Francesca Martì, Holger Reckter and Petra Warrass.



Francesca Martì, «Zanzibar», 2015, Photograph on zinc-plate, 100 x 98 x 25 cm.