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Box I-11 Box II-11 Box VII.Gaza II-11 Box X-11 drioplet2 droplet1 droplet7gb-gallery821070551_fm_05 Painting a dream I Rainbow4 13 FRANCESCA MARTI-CAN ALOMAR-2Cairo dreamer3 Philipo in Roma1 Roma2 Washington Barbara Scream2 buterfly2 Cocoon on the plate3 Crystal 1 G Scream butterflier MethamorphosisI MethamorphosisII MethamorphosisIII scr. cocoon5 scr.cocoon8 scr.cocoon10 111C-012 111C-013 111C-014 111C-015 111C-016 111F002-200X230 DREAMS I DREAMS II DREAMS III DREAMS IV DREAMS V ESTHER I ESTHER II ESTHER III ESTHER IV ESTHER V ESTHER VI PROSPER BEHIND TAKE IT I TAKE IT II TAKE IT III TAKE IT IV TAKE IT V 11Shadows I -video projection 11Shadows II-Video projection 11Shadows III-video projection framed sahdows7 framed shadows3 framed shadows4 framed shadows5 framed shadows6 framed shadows8 framed shadows9 VERTICAL 01 VERTICAL 02 VERTICAL 03 Fotograma-Soul III White Shadow blue- video projection dcha White Shadow blue-video projection Iqda 4 the day after4 A BOY IN AMMAN I Diptic"Deep into the ground" During some hours in green.. Ilusion 1 Ilusion II stroke1 stroke9 stroke12 Thespia I (green) Thespia II (blue) Thespia III (yellow)#45 in blue pigment #65.In red pigment BARBARA CRISTPR2 FERNANDH FRANCES4 FRANCES6 FRANCESC mitad.III mitad.IV mosca esculture News of today a Painting a flower III Who   solista.9 Tunisia.blava.5Yesterday news II VERDE VIKTOR  SANGRE AZUL,EPS  PeaceIVprope.5Prosper in Belgium2