Swarm performance with Mike Kelly, Thomas Füllengraben and crew.

Still photograph from the “SWARM” video performance staged in Germany in September by Francesca Martì’, at the warehouses of DeutscheWerbeWelt, the creative media technology innovators based in Cologne. “SWARM” is accompanied by an original sound-scape composed by Mike Kelly, the Australian wunderkind circuit deejay. Martì’s imagery questions such issues as migration, mass movement, communication habits, escapism and our diminished sense of individuallity. “SWARM” incorporates a dozen international performers conversing on mobile phones and Martì’s filmed segments from underground stations in the Madrid Metro, a market place in Colombo in Sri Lanka, and at the technology trade fair in Cologne. The final video installation, fine-tuned by tech-wizard Thomas Füllengraben, will be featured in Francesca Martì’s large-scale retrospective at the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava in Slovakia in 2017.

Deejay Mike Kelly with Francesca Martí