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Review of Transformation retrospective by Jena Opoldusova in Pravda kultura, Slovakia. Saturday, November 25, 2017


Electronic version of this article in Pravda

Link to TV News from Saturday, November 25, national TV channel STV1.
(the section about Francesca Marti’ starts: 47 min 19 sec).

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New Cocoon – Believers performance staged by Francesca Martí in Bratislava

As an anteprima to her TRANSFORMATION solo exhibition opening on Saturday November 25 at the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava, Slovakia, Francesca Martí devised a brand new Cocoon – Believers performance with 10 dancers from the ellefatale Dance Company, staged in the main space of the museum, surrounded by her recent monumental installations.

Francesca Martí […]

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“Siempre he sentido que me queda mucho por aprender y descubrir.” Interview by Clara F. Capò, Ultima Hora, November 14, 2018

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Francesca Marti’ exhibits at the 3rd Brabant Biennale in Tilburg

(image left) Dreamer – Alpha Tauri, 2017, life-sized sculpture in mirror-polished aluminium
(image center) Seoul, 2016, recycled satellite dish, paint and photograph printed on zinc plate
(image right) Dreamer dog – Shaula, 2017, life-sized sculpture in mirror-polished aluminium

Following her large solo show as one of the five featured artists at the 2nd Brabant Biennale in 2015, Francesca Marti’ […]

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Marti’s Transformation retrospective catalogue now at the printers

The new 128-page full-colour catalogue for Francesca Marti’s Transformation retrospective at the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava, is currently being printed and bound in Palma by Imprenta Bahia. The catalogue has been stylishly designed by hastalasantas graphic design, with essays by the two exhibition curators Pilar Ribal (Mallorca) and Kees van Twist (The Netherlands), […]

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Francesca Marti’s Flight photograph exhibited at Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

A recent digitally altered photograph from the Flight performance by Francesca Marti’ has been included as part of the LACDA Electron Salon exhibition at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (October 12-November, 2017). As one of 50 participating international artists, Marti’s 2017 photograph shows three figures silently facing the camera in a surreal triple […]

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Ma’at performance at Studio Francesca Marti’, with Madaleine Trigg

In 2017, Francesca Marti produced a sculpture of Ma’at, holding a tablet in her hands, but the figure turns the flickering screen away from her. This life-sized sculpture is made from rough-cast aluminium, wrapped in polished “fabric”, and it was exhibited as part of her Kingfisher solo exhibition at the Gerhardt Braun Gallery in Palma […]

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Work-in-progress: The Believers

Following her successful crowd-funding project, Francesca Marti’s new “Believers” series is nearing completion. The collection of small sculptures will be mounted as a mass of migrating figures walking across a large wall at Marti’s forthcoming “Transformation” retrospective, opening November 25, at the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava, Slovakia. The 99 figures are based on […]

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New photo-shoot revisits Francesca Marti’s Fly series, 17 years later

Text by Jonathan Turner
In 2000, Francesca Marti’ began her renowned Fly series of black-and-white photographs and collages with painted additions. A fly in her studio had become an unexpected protagonist, when it walked through a mound of pigment and began tracing its steps on a sheet of drawing paper. Marti’ then saw this adventurous, creative […]

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Francesca Marti – CAMARA SUBJETIVA por Juanjo Oliva Gallardo.

Ultima Hora – 2 de Julio de 2017

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